We purchased Langley Park House in 2001,  the house had lain empty for many years and the 4 walled gardens and policies were overgrown , garden walls were down in several places and all the garden doors, except one, had rotted away giving the rabbits and deer free run of the gardens, the only flowers were the roses on the central rose arches and the gardens covered with weeds over our heads. We had to cut our way into the bottom garden with chainsaws, and here we found the green house  which had only one pane of glass remaining intact and we had to clear away over a ton of broken glass and take down the rest of the rotten wooden structure.(we hope to win the Lottery to eventually renew) and a collapsed  stone structure which we wondered may have once been part of a hotbed ?

The gardens are unusual in the fact of having  four linked gardens in a row. The top garden is now only walled on four sides The top of one  having been taken off years ago to give a view in from the rear or the house and this has a few unusual trees  and is known as the arboretum (sounds grander than it is)  The bottom garden is again walled on three sides and has a ha-ha overlooking the twenty acre wild life/wildflower meadow.